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I'm a fish, my origins are from a dream. This is my community because I deserve one.
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I had this dream:
Where I went for two job interviews and was doing ok, the interviewer seemed to be more nervous than me, I shook her hand and it was sweaty, and she hugged me when I left. Afterwards I went outside to meet my parents. It turns out we're all in Israel, and 2 Hasidic Jews are doing a street performance, like you see in Covent Garden, but they were embroidering flowers onto a cloth.... Which is nothing like you see in Covent Garden, where street performers are usually pretending to be statues.

We all walked past a pretty art shop where I saw a painting of a woman sitting down with her back to us, and I went in to buy it, only to meet a very strange kid with deformities sitting in a corner on his own. We chatted and I picked up a book on photography on the Wailng Wall, so I flicked through it and it was full of pictures, very few from the wall, but the rest were disturbing pictures from Concentration Camps.

Everything went blank, and I'm on a beach in Tel Aviv, reading this book, and eating a fish, which firstly isn't kosher, and secondly is still alive and secondly is trying to eat my face.
There's only me and this one woman on the beach and she's singing Klezmer style music, and as we shuffled up the beach because the tide was hitting our feet, she started to sing Mazel tov and I'm still wrestling with this fish, and it's teeth.

Then I woke up.

Shalom fish was born.